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Arist’s Laboratory Theatre: Community-centric, site-specific, handcrafted theatre of Northwest Arkansas.

This May, Artist’s Laboratory Theatre premiered site-specific play SHELTER. The immersive experience explored community issues in South Fayetteville, and took place on Routes 1 and 2 of Ozark Regional Transit, stopping at several key locations throughout South Fayetteville. SHELTER highlighted several intersecting issues in South Fayetteville, including housing insecurity, public transit, and poverty.

SHELTER was a workshop production of The Good Person of South Fayetteville, a play in development by the nationally award-winning playwright Adrienne Dawes. This performance was a continuation of RIDE, another production of the Southside Civic Lab highlighting hyperlocal issues in South Fayetteville.

The Southside Civic Lab is a performance series and community effort to use theatre and other art interventions as tools of building awareness around community issues relevant to South Fayetteville. Fundamental to the community effort of the Southside Civic Lab is the network of Neighborhood Ambassadors who live in South Fayetteville. Their work, perspectives, and extensive research are crucial to this project.

This November, Artist’s Laboratory Theatre will continue these conversations in partnership with the City of Fayetteville and National Endowment for the Arts at “Imagine South Fayetteville: Community-Led Arts, Culture, and Design”.

This 3-day community convening will bring a team of national specialists from the fields of economic and community development along with artists, facilitators, and leaders in community-specific needs to address issues affecting the Southside neighborhood of Fayetteville. Racial and economic equity, creative placekeeping, and more will be highlighted at this convening.

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