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Northwest Arkansas is a region with a vibrant community spirit, a place where the power of collective action is visible in every corner. Each year, this spirit is harnessed and directed toward NWA Gives, an annual event that not only showcases the region’s generosity but also strengthens the network of nonprofits striving to make a significant impact on the lives of local residents.

A Catalyst for Change

Since its inception in the spring of 2018, NWA Gives has been a lightning rod of support for the nonprofit community in Northwest Arkansas. What started as a regional day of giving with 115 nonprofits raising $208,000 in 12 hours has blossomed into a movement. Over the past seven years, more than 300 local nonprofit organizations have collectively raised over $3.8 million. These funds have been instrumental in elevating crucial community services, from homeless shelters to community literacy initiatives, and is a testament to our collective resolve to meet and address regional challenges.

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Discover and Support Local Causes

NWA Gives serves as an invaluable platform for locals to discover and connect with causes that are close to their hearts. Amid the diverse array of participating organizations, individuals can find initiatives that resonate with their personal values and interests. Whether it’s supporting domestic violence survivors, animals, advancing education, or providing for the less fortunate, NWA Gives makes it easier for everyone in the community to identify and contribute to meaningful causes. This event not only raises funds but also raises awareness, helping to foster a deeper sense of community and engagement among residents of Northwest Arkansas.

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The Most Generous Community on Earth

The ultimate vision of NWA Gives is ambitious yet profoundly attainable—to make Northwest Arkansas one of the most generous communities on Earth. This vision goes beyond the numerical success of funds raised; it’s about nurturing a culture of giving, where every individual feels empowered to contribute to the betterment of their community.

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Epic Day(s) of Giving

Mark your calendars for April 4th, 2024, as NWA Gives gears up for its next 12-hour giving event. This year, donors have the added flexibility of making their contributions early, starting from March 28th, with all donations funneled through the innovative online platform, These contributions are crucial in ensuring that the Day of Giving totals reflect the community’s heartfelt generosity.

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Join us in this journey, and together, let’s make NWA the most generous community on the planet!

NWA Gives 2024