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10+ workshops with take-home supplies to help you get started and move forward towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Cover photo by @grantfalter on Instagram

The Eureka Spring Cleanin’ event (May 10th-12th, 2019) sponsored by Keep Arkansas Beautiful and part of the Great American Cleanup (the nation’s largest community improvement effort) will take place at The Farm, a campground nestled in the hills of the Ozark Mountains in Eureka Springs which sits on 160 acres that backs up to Mark Twain National Forest. The weekend will include live music, workshops, demonstrations, take-home supplies, and fun-filled activities for children and adults geared towards the education and application of zero-waste and sustainability.

For questions, please contact Dr. John L Colbert (

Get Involved!

Last year, volunteers collected over 6,000 pounds of waste from a three-mile stretch of highway leading to the venue! Again this year, volunteers will receive free admission, a Keep Arkansas Beautiful T-shirt, and breakfast/dinner on Saturday and Sunday! Volunteers will be asked to help with the highway litter pickup on Saturday OR Sunday, which allows them to attend workshops on the opposite day.

Attend Sustainability Workshops

  • Cradle To Grave: The origin and decomposition of recyclable (and non-recyclable) materials.
  • No More Plastic: Repurposing everyday/used items to replace plastic shopping bags.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose: Turning trash to into useful treasures
  • The Dirty Secret: The truth about our cleaning products and how to move on. *Making effective household detergents and cleaners that lessen our environmental impact.
  • Party on, Pollinators: Learning about the insect crisis and what we can do to help pollinators thrive.
  • Scrapping Kitchen Waste (composting):Getting started on turning your kitchen scraps and compostable waste into the real black gold!
  • Grow for your mother (sponsored by Birdsong Gardens and Landscaping): How native plants help the environment, easy ways to incorporate them into the home landscape, and how lawns are actually bad for the environment.
  • Recycled Fashion (sponsored by Jill of all Trades)
  • Bee Keeping with Courtney Mae
  • Herbalism and Making Tea with Jenny Dietzel
  • Community Sustainability (sponsored by Terra Rosa Farm)…and more!

& Enjoy Live Music

  • Skye Pollard
  • The Damn Neighbors
  • Chucky Waggs and the Co. of Raggs
  • The Whispering Willows
  • Me & Him
  • Grassfed

This event will also provide a platform for local and environmental causes. If you would like to VOLUNTEER, host a workshop, speak, or set up an info booth/table, please pm or email our coordinator: Shilah Molina,

Learn more HERE.