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The Teen Action and Support Center, various regional art organizations, the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks and the Beaver Water District are each looking to fill open positions.

Learn a little bit more about each position below.

Executive Director at Teen Action & Support Center

The Teen Action and Support Center (TASC) offers low-to-no-cost support services to teens and their families throughout Northwest Arkansas. With offices in both Rogers and Springdale, services include counseling & support groups, mentoring, volunteer service opportunities, innovative programming and physical resources for teens in need.

As one example of the local impact this organization has had on our region, teens participating in their volunteer program contributed over 2,000 hours of service and completed 400 service projects throughout Northwest Arkansas in 2019.

TASC is looking for a visionary leader to join them as executive director. The ideal candidate will be someone that believes teens are creative problem-solvers, thoughtful, and ready to lead. Someone that understands why adolescence is such a critical period for both teens and their families and is ready to walk alongside them in their journeys.

Check out the full job description including how to apply HERE.

Communications Coordinator at Walton Arts Center

The mission of the Walton Arts Center (WAC) is to bring great performing artists and entertainers from around the world to Northwest Arkansas, connecting and engaging people through inspiring arts experiences. In 2019, that included providing over 300 arts experience throughout the region.

They are currently seeking a marketing/communications coordinator whose primary responsibility will be to research events and performances and develop blog articles, news releases and monthly articles for local publications. In addition, this position will provide some community relations support—helping coordinate off-site events including First Thursdays, First Fridays and other expos.

Check out the full job description including how to apply HERE.

Various Positions at Crystal Bridges and the Momentary

In 2019, Crystal Bridges welcomed more than 700,000 visitors! The museum also revealed the opening date for the Momentary, a satellite contemporary art space and made several 2020 exhibition announcements.

By last count, Crystal Bridges and the Momentary had 49 positions open, which range from internships to an Executive Chef. For a preview, we have chosen to highlight a handful of the open marketing and communications positions. Each position is hyperlinked to the full job description:

  • Momentary Communications Manager – This role serves as a liaison between the Crystal Bridges communications team (marketing, PR, creative services, digital media) and the Momentary staff, identifying needs/goals and strategizing communications efforts
  • Email Marketing Coordinator – This role is responsible for developing, executing and analyzing email communications to subscribers and targeted audiences, on a variety of topics, including art, programs, culinary, architecture, temporary exhibitions, nature and more.
  • Digital Media Producer – This role is responsible for the timely production of a wide variety of audio and video content for the museum. Including, but not limited to, videos/TV commercials promoting the museum overall, social media posts, temporary exhibitions, documentation of art installations and construction projects, recording of live events, museum and exhibition audio guides and apps, podcasts and more.
  • Program Marketing Coordinator – This role serves as a key member of the Communications team tasked with coordinating marketing efforts for free and ticketed events at Crystal Bridges and the Momentary.
  • Web Content and Digital Media Specialist – This role is a great opportunity for an experienced web content manager with skills in user-centered design, web interaction design, web accessibility and SEO. Daily work will focus on a unique array of fast-moving projects with high public visibility in service to a dynamic and growing museum that is dedicated to welcoming all.

Intern at the Garden

The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks (BGO) features 12 themed gardens & Arkansas’ only butterfly house with landscaped grounds where four seasons of native flora and fauna thrive. They are currently looking to hire a marketing & communications intern to fill in while their communications coordinator is out on maternity leave this spring. This position would require a commitment during the spring semester and part of the month of June. The ideal candidate is a creative with a love social media and expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Check out the full internship description including how to apply HERE.

Assistant Education Coordinator at Beaver Water District

Lastly, the Beaver Water District (BWD) supplies drinking water to 350,000 people/industries in Northwest Arkansas—and without the district there would be no Beaver Dam or Beaver Lake. More than 50 years ago, visionary community leaders got together to discuss the need for a long-term supply of clean, safe water for Northwest Arkansas. With an eye to the future and knowledge that a large lake was the best source of water, these citizens worked to establish Beaver Lake Reservoir. Beaver Water District was created to pay for the drinking water supply allocation of the lake.

They are looking to hire someone to assist the education coordinator and director of public affairs with all education and public outreach activities, events and tasks. Some of these duties will include:

  • Assisting with large group on site Water Education Center tours.
  • Delivering water education outreach to underserved populations, such as Hispanic and Marshallese (Pacific Islanders) communities.
  • Expanding capacity to fill requests for BWD educator engagement in education and outreach with school students and the general public.
  • Expanding outreach bandwidth with regional partners engaged in water education efforts.
Check out the full job description including how to apply HERE.

Happy 2020!