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Do you want to be part of a beautiful community working to end poverty in Northwest Arkansas? Circles NWA is a local organization where individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences come together to solve real problems.

Leaders & Allies

Circles NWA is a poverty reduction initiative designed to help low-income families pursue upward mobility. Circles is unique in that we flip the traditional mentorship model on its head and center the leadership of those who have experienced poverty. We call them our Circle Leaders.

And we call our volunteers Allies. Many Allies have never experienced poverty, but they volunteer to walk alongside a Circle Leader, offering support, insight, and access to broader social networks and connections. We talk about Circles as a journey, and along the way real friendship is formed, big goals are achieved, and a community of belonging is built.

Building Community

Poverty is complex and dynamic, and because of this Circles is not one-dimensional. Rather it engages in multiple activities such as goal setting and budgeting, leadership development, building social capital through intentional friendship, and working to reduce bigger barriers that keep people stuck. One of the most beautiful things about Circles is that we learn together. We bring people together across income lines, learn about barriers and challenges that make it difficult for people to move up and out of poverty, and prioritize the leadership of those who have experience navigating poverty.

Get Involved

Over the last two years, we have celebrated many milestones of upward mobility: new jobs, increased income, homeownership, graduations, decreased debt, and improved credit. We’ve seen the real, lasting change that is possible when people come together with a shared vision for what this community could be.

We are starting another Circles cohort beginning Fall 2023, and we need volunteer Allies!

Come learn more about what it means to be an ally, and join us in the work to build community to end poverty! Apply by September 6th.

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Upcoming Ally Info Sessions:

Wednesday, Aug 16 @12pm via Zoom
Thursday, Aug 24 @7pm via Zoom

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