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A spoof Facebook page named The City of Bentonville challenged neighboring town Rogers, Arkansas to a fist fight at the local water tower—what happened next represents everything that is right in this world.

Facebook feeds of local residents were filled this past week with the back and forth bantering between a handful of spoof pages that emerged under the names of local towns and cities located throughout Northwest Arkansas.

The first satirical shots were fired by The City of Bentonville.

923 comments and 1,070 shares later, parody accounts from cities and towns all over the region had arrived on the scene with memes and gif’s being generated by the minute leaving many residents across Northwest Arkansas laughing hysterically, a few angry, or others in a state of confusion.

And then it happened…

Bentonville challenges Rogers to a fight at the water tower!

The internet did nothing short of lose its mind following the Facebook event announcement. The community took to the event discussion feed and a week of hilarity ensued from harmless wisecracks to the downright offensive, what was clear that there was no turning back, the stage had been set for an epic showdown.

Fueled by the attention and chatter the event had garnered, the spoof page creators decided to introduce a plot twist that would solidify this as one of the most memorable events our regions has ever hosted—the winner of the “fight” would actually be the town that could raise more food, coats, toys, and monetary donations for local charities.

At the time of writing this post, the event had raised over $3,240 for the Children’s Advocacy of Benton County, nearly 5,000 food items, hundreds of coats and toys, over $3,000 and counting for NWA Women’s Shelter.

The event may be over, but there are still opportunities to throw down. Follow the event and/or pages below to get involved.

Fight at the Water Tower Facebook Event Page
City of Bentonville Spoof Page
City of Rogers Spoof Page

Other regions take note, this is Northwest Arkansas! Even our smallest towns have more heart than all of your cities and towns combined. Dare to knuckle up?

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