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These local moments evoke all the good feels.

1. Pet Philanthropists: Easton and Paisley

Easton and Paisley recently celebrated their birthday. Instead of requesting gifts, they charged guests $5 to join them on their special day. What did they do with the money? Go on a shopping spree for toys? No. Buy a bunch of candy and ice cream? Nope. The two collected $320 and donated it to the Humane Society for Animals.

The Humane Society for Animals has held over 90,000 animals since it originally opened in 1963. The facility continuously houses a total of around 85 dogs and 20 cats.

2. A Passion for Pedaling

Twice a week, volunteers gather at the Pedal It Forward locations in Bentonville and Rogers to help repair and build bikes for those who can’t afford them. This past week, over 100 bikes were distributed to families and a local children’s shelter.

Since 2014, the volunteers at Pedal It Forward NWA have worked to distribute over 2,300 bicycles throughout Northwest Arkansas to veterans, kids, and others who can’t afford a bike.

3. Filled the Bus

Fill the Bus 2019 was a huge success. Thank you to our nearly 500 volunteers for braving the rain and helping us send the students in our communities back to school with the tools they need to succeed. #FilltheBus2019 #LiveUnitedNWA

Posted by United Way of Northwest Arkansas on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Annually, the United Way of Northwest Arkansas launches the “Fill the Bus” campaign to collect school supplies for local children in need. This year, nearly 500 volunteers came together over two days to fill 10 buses located throughout Northwest Arkansas. The supplies will help send over 35,000 children back to school with the tools they need to succeed.

4. Fresh Veggies Brigade

Pictured above is a collection of fresh vegetables donated by three organizations addressing local food insecurity: Seeds That Feed, Cobblestone Farms, NWA Food Bank, and friends to the Second Street Pantry in Bentonville, AR.

Are you a gardener with an overflow of vegetables? Second Street asks that you consider donating any extras from your garden to their pantry. They would love to be able to distribute them to families in the community. Drop them off on Monday morning or on Tuesdays at your convenience!

The mission of Second Street Pantry Missions, Inc. is to help make a difference in the lives of those experiencing situational or generational poverty by providing food, personal care goods, financial assistance, and education. They offer basic groceries and personal care items, limited financial assistance, and a community meal on Tuesdays at First United Methodist Church in Bentonville, AR.

5. Marshallese Got Talent

Marshallese Got Talent

Highlights from MEI's Marshallese Got Talent show at the Jones Center! So proud of all the Marshallese youth who performed in the 1st annual MGT show during MEI's Back to School celebration!Highlights eo jen MEI's Marshallese Got Talent show ilo Jones Center! Elab ad likkun monono kin aolep Jodrikdrik in Majel ro raar bok kunaer ilo 1st annual MGT burookram eo im ekar bareinwot ekkeijaklok ippen MEI's Back to School eo.Congrats Kayden Jerry, Maddox Milne, Zantasia Briand, Bathseba and Walton Laraya, MARK Harmony, Lijelbabbub Hula Girls, Daniel Jibke, special guest Cierra Crane and Suki Guavis!

Posted by Marshallese Educational Initiative on Saturday, August 3, 2019

Lastly, we have a highlight video from the First Annual Marshallese Got Talent Show at the Jones Center hosted by the Marshallese Educational Initiative. We promise that if nothing else, the first 10-seconds of this video are guaranteed to warm your heart and bring a smile to your face!

Cover photo from the Marshallese Educational Initiative photo album on Facebook

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