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Over 300 NW Arkansas nonprofits are signed up to participate in NWA Gives 2020! Donations during the 12 hours of epic giving will help ensure that vital needs in our region continue to be met during the pandemic.

Amid waves of recent cancellations due to COVID-19, a word of good news: NWA Gives has announced that they are still on for their April 2 event, which is being held online at Twelve hours of giving begins at 8 a.m. CT and ends at 8 p.m., and locals can band together to support their favorite causes, which has become even more important given the current economic uncertainty.

“This is a resilient and generous community,” says Chris Haas, President/CEO of Freedom 5:one Ministries and co-chairman of NWA Gives. “Many families, individuals, and companies across our area are looking for ways to support neighbors in need. NWA Gives offers our community a place to respond.”

Over 300 charities have signed up to participate, and they have been notified to continue their outreach efforts. They’re looking to rally as many supporters as possible to give on April 2, and charities that reach certain milestones (such as “most donors”) will receive extra prizes. In addition, First Security Bank has pledged to give up to $12,000 throughout the NWA Gives festivities, and they will be giving away a prize every hour during the 12-hour donation event. The Walton Family Foundation, the Presenting Sponsor, has already provided multiple sessions of complimentary fundraising training over the past few months for nonprofits to help them garner support.

Supporters can visit to learn more about which charities are participating and find their favorite organizations. As the market fluctuates with repercussions from the COVID-19 pandemic, donating during the NWA Gives event is an ideal and timely way to help others in need.

“We want to make a statement with our giving on April 2,” says Haas. “This community is strong, we help each other, and our compassion can’t be stopped, even (and especially) in the face of adversity.”

This is the third annual event for NWA Gives, which was started in 2017 by Tim Howington and Chris Haas of Freedom 5:one Ministries. Current sponsors and steering team members for the 2020 NWA Gives event include the Walton Family FoundationFirst Security BankPure CharityFreedom5:one MinistriesBranches Mission LabIntercut ProductionsHark at the Center for Collaborative Care3W Magazine, 90.9 KLRC, and Intersection.